Sunday, May 3, 2015

Randy Turns Five

I thought last year was five, but I don't count any better than I blog of late...
May 2nd 2010 I cobbled this this thing together and for the most part I have loved it. The last year has had me worn out from work ( Proof thinks I make stripper poles for the oilfield ladies in North dakota, and I really wish I did! ), and trying to keep up with the mess this country is in (Obama has fundamentally changed this country and it is not good, not good at all) has caused brain fatigue for me.
Serious brain fatigue...

4 or 5 posts a day has gone to a few a week if I am lucky
Politics has always interested me, but the left in this country has ruined America, I don't think it can be fixed, ever! I do not believe there are more than a handful of honest politicians working in our Government total.
17 trillion in debt?

The race riots are coming again (trust me, we have not seen anything yet!) Thanks Mr. Obama, you and your ilk have encouraged race problems.

The Muslims (they can kiss my ass) want to take over the world.
Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen...My solution? Turn the entire area into glass, all of it!
Oh my.

Blogging is easy, decent blogging takes work, good blogging takes a lot of hard work. I was not good at all this last year.

I have been spending a lot of time with Parker ( he turned eight last month ) and Lauryn (miss smiles turns 4 next week) and that is time I cherish more than anything, it goes by way too fast.

I likely will continue in my venture here and see if I can get a couple of cells to bump into each other and get a brain fart now and then and put something decent up for someone to read.
I think eight of you still stop by on occasion.

I will keep stopping by many of my favorite haunts (yea I might steal your stuff on occasion), you all know who you are.

Sooooo. Keep coming back. You just never know...
Happy damn Blog Birthday to me!

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