Sunday, November 2, 2014

NY Slimes Tries To Throw Cold Water On Coming Bloodbath

Nate Cohn forgets (intentionally I am sure) this Tuesday will be a total repudiation of Barack Obama and the party that supports him.
Not as good as it seems? Something bloody must be coming...

But perhaps more important to the party’s long-term prospects than Tuesday’s results is what unfolds in the presidential battleground states. If the night ends with tight races in Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado and Georgia, as the polls suggest, then the results will not be as great for Republicans as many analysts will surely proclaim.
If there were a time when the Republicans ought to be making inroads into the Obama coalition, this should be it. The economy remains mediocre in many respects; there is turmoil in much of the world; and the American public is decidedly downbeat about the state of the country under Mr. Obama. His approval ratings have sagged into the low 40s. A significant proportion of Democratic-leaning voters say they disapprove of his performance.
Making inroads? A number in the  House of Representatives not seen since 1928? WTF Nate?
A Senate without a senile old assclown who walks into walls no longer the leader? The lame duck President without any wings at all?
2016 is a long way off Nate...Much like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi...And one hell of a lot of Democrat Senators and Representatives.
Not as good as it seems.

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