Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obama Comes To North Dakota

And I am sick of his helicopters and not so secret service flaks dumping a another million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere flying around the prairie just to pander to the natives

The president and first lady Michelle Obama will be greeted by Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault, and they will attend the tribe’s Cannon Ball Flag Day celebration. The visit also comes during the community’s annual powwow. The president has said he plans to announce new initiatives during the visit to help grow Indian economies.
New initiatives is lib speak for the tribes want more of the taxpayers money so they can continue to play the race and victim card.
If the natives would only realize the truth about Government and dependence, they could have returned to a proud people long ago, but that is another post...

Obama should be going to Western North Dakota, he could learn a few things about the private industry that fuels this country.

Odds are he won't go anywhere near the Bakken oilfields where North Dakota has fracked their way to the most prosperous state in the country.
I am sure he has fundraiser or golf outing waiting somewhere.

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