Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obama's Goal For Tonight: Convincing Americans To Listen (to more of his lies)

He wants the American people to keep believing his lies.

*** Obama’s goal for tonight: convincing the American public to listen: Indeed, the country is ripe for a “Bullworth”-kind of moment in which the president says, “The state of our union is actually stronger than many of you think. But the state of every politician in this room, including myself, needs some serious work -- because what’s happening in Washington is dragging the rest of the country down.” Of course, after covering Obama for the last seven years, he’s unlikely to say something like that; it’s his M.O. to stay upbeat and optimistic and not rock the boat. But the big danger for Obama heading into tonight’s speech is that Americans begin tuning him out like they do most second-term presidents. According to our poll, just a combined 40% say they are either “optimistic and confident” or “satisfied and hopeful” about Obama’s remaining time in office, versus 59% who are either “uncertain and wondering” or “pessimistic and worried.” That’s the president’s goal for tonight: convincing them to listen.
Most Americans with a IQ over seven tuned the liar out long ago, unfortunately the low information voters who think unemployment and food stamps are the best life has to offer them will suck this up.
Me? I will watch reruns of "anything" before I listen to more of his drivel.

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