Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Liberalism For Dummies

How did Illinois balance double their budget? Raise taxes of course!

The 66 percent income tax hike passed by just one vote in the state Senate and three votes in the state House.
The point of the tax hike, Gov. Pat Quinn, (D, at right) told reporters, was to retire the $4.5 billion in IOUs the state had accumulated — late payments to state vendors, contractors, doctors seeing Medicaid patients, and anyone else foolish enough to do business with the Deadbeat State. 
Nearly three years and $26 billion in additional taxes later, guess what’s happened? That’s right. Illinois is now $9 billion behind on its payments, the Illinois Policy Institute notes:
$26 billion in new taxes? Good grief man.
Give a Democrat an extra dime and the result is always the same, they spend it and need more, Always.
Vote accordingly in 2014.

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