Sunday, November 10, 2013

President Obama Working Around The Clock To Fix Website

Uh maybe not...

President Obama’s approval ratings may be stuck in a sand trap, but that has not deterred him from sticking to his weekly round of golf. After teeing off on Saturday at the private course in Florida where the film “Caddy Shack” was filmed, Mr. Obama hit the milestone number of 150 golf rounds in less than five years in the White House.
Hardest working President evah! Working on getting their lies straight maybe.
Perhaps time on the links gave them time to discuss all the people they knew would lose their insurance when Obamacare was implemented. Ms. Sebelius also joined the president on the golf course on May 18 this year.
Oops my bad, I guess it is just his team of experts that will work around the clock.
President Obama has promised this team will work around the clock to fix the site, which serves 36 states, but the persistent problems with the federal online marketplace risks undercutting one of the core elements of the law. On top if its technical problems, the law has to reckon with renewed political attacks.
Nothing like doing the peoples work Mr. President... Fore!

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