Tuesday, September 10, 2013

North Dakota's New Democrat Senator Trusts The Russians

This is what my state elected as a Senator...

. . . “Why would you trust Assad,” Mitchell asked Heitkamp. “Assad has, until this initiative, denied there was an attack, denied he was part of it, denied he has chemical weapons. Why on earth would we trust this man to tell us he’s turned them all over to international monitoring and that he is signing a treaty that he’s never redesigned?”
“We’re not trusting Assad,” Heitkamp explained. “We’re trusting the Russians to come to the table…”
“Whoa,” Mitchell interjected. “You’re trusting the Russians?”
“We’re trusting Russia’s intent at this point to actually deliver the right set of circumstances,” Heitkamp clarified.
Yes she really is that stupid naive.

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