Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gibberish From The State Department

The State Dept. has determined they are idiots.

PSAKI: We have not made a determination –
LEE: But don’t — you go and say, our position has not changed, but you don’t have a position. You don’t have a position that could — a position means taking a side or taking a stance or making a determination. And since you didn’t do that, you do not, by definition, have a position.
PSAKI: We have –
LEE: Correct?
PSAKI: I would disagree with you, Matt.
LEE: You have a position on whether what happened in Egypt was a coup?
PSAKI: We have determined that we do not need to make a determination.
LEE: Isn’t that the same as not having a position?
PSAKI: I will — I will let you parse yourself.
They determined they do not need to make a determination. Glad they cleared that up.
God help us all...

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