Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Media Just Can't Stop Lying

If it takes lawsuits to make it stop I hope Zimmerman goes all in.

NBC needs to pony up and CNN needs to throw this trash out with the rest of their garbage. Fu**ing cold does not equal fu**ing c**n no matter how many times you repeat the lie!
Grace: "What I think made a difference; when that 911 tape first came out -- and everybody get read, this is graphic language -- when it first came out that Zimmerman had said "f**king coon" on the 911 call.. I mean to me, that was open and shut that that showed ill-will and hatred."
That would be a very insightful comment were it not for the fact that Zimmerman did not say "f**king coon," and it seem impossible to believe that Grace doesn't know this.
Apparently, the left-wing media site Mediaite is also unaware of the fact that Zimmerman did not say "f**king coon." In their coverage of the Grace's statement, they make no mention of the fact that Grace's claim is factually incorrect or that CNN was forced to walk the claim back.
I despise the media.

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