Monday, July 22, 2013

A Glamorous Life That Began As An Act Of Faith

Another great story of life via John Hinderaker of Powerline

Zero to 100 begins with an interview with Lakey’s mother. When she was pregnant with Lakey, doctors told her that it appeared her baby had Down syndrome. They could do more tests, they suggested, to make sure. You may want to abort. No, her mother replied. I don’t care, no more tests. I love this baby. That’s it: the topic is never mentioned again in the documentary, although Lakey’s and her family’s Christian beliefs do crop up, inconspicuously, a few times. But for me, the beginning gave the whole film a pleasantly subversive air: a glamorous life, to be sure, but one that began with an act of faith.
God is alive and well and working in someones life everyday!

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