Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Nite Tart (Kelly Brook Rule 5 Palooza)

Its night time somewhere...One of my all time favorites Kelly Brook tarts it up again tonight.

And lets not forget to check these other fine Rule 5 hotspots around the interwebs...

From The Pirates Cove If All You See
Sex In Advertising from Proof Positve
Thursday Is Kaley Cuoco day at The Eye Of Polyphemus
American Power links to Anne Hathaway
NFL Name Change from The Woodsterman
Guns and Bikinis has a Vargas Nude
Daley Babe from The Daley Gator
The Camp Of The Saints has Rule 5 Saturday 
The Friday Pinup from the Admiral
Pitsnipes Gripes has a Closing Thought
The Classic Liberal does Rule 5 Sunday Monday
Rule 5 Cinco de Mayo from The Other McCain
Subject to Change goes back In The Kitchen
The Admiral also has Two Favorite Colors

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