Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday Nite Tart (on Friday)

Late again... Carly Foulkes tarts it up tonight today.

She might look familiar to some of you television commercial watchers...
I WILL get some other Rule 5 links up this week, and update them frequently.

Starting with The Friday Pinup from the Admiral
The Pirates Cove has If All You See
Odie has Beer! It can do anything...
Kaley Cuoco is a mainstay at The Eye Of Polyphemus
The Daley Babe from Gator Doug
Sex In Advertising from Proof Positive
The Reaganite Republican has Miss France 2012
Rule 5 Saturday from The Camp Of The Saints
The Right Way has a Friday Babe
Adrienne's Corner has some beautiful women
Talent from Pitsnipes Gripes
Subject to Change is In The Kitchen

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