Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Nite Tart

Its night time somewhere. Tashia McIntosh tarts it up this week...

And don't miss these other fine Rule 5 treats from these fine bloggers...

Being Blonde from The Woodsterman
The Eye of Polyphemus is back with Abigail Clancy
If All You See from The Pirates Cove
The Classic Liberal has Been Away Too Long
Sex In Advertising from Proof Positive
The Camp Of The Saints has Rule 5 Saturday
The Admiral has some Purple Wall Paint
Daley Babe from The Daley Gator
Nicole Neal graces American Power
The Last Tradition has a Bikini Model And 9/11 Widow pestered by a doctor

1 comment:

USA_Admiral said...

Mercy. She is a sweetheart.