Saturday, January 5, 2013

Idiot Of The Year

In my opinion no one can top this creature.

“Good pace, going in the right direction,” she said.  “1.8 million private sector jobs gained in 2012.  December was the 34th consecutive month of private-sector job creation.”
The government unemployment report released on Friday revealed that the number of unemployed Americans remained unchanged from November, at 7.8 percent, and adding 155,000 jobs, just above the 150,000 jobs needed each month to keep up with population growth.
Only in the deranged mind of San Fran Nan could you find something positive about black unemployment rising faster than Michael Moore's plugged crapper and the country's jobless rate as a whole stuck at 7.8% (which is really around 11%).
Nancy Pelosi, the crown jewel of idiocy!

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