Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Milestone At Randy's

February has been a big month for visitors and page views here at Randy's. s

its and Pa
First 50,000 + visitor month.
I thank you all.
I am sure Ms. Google Bomb does too. Heh.

Midweek Rule 5 Break

Break time with Kelly Hu...

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Fannie Still Hemorrhaging

Maxine Waters and Barny Frank unnavailable for comment.

Time for another trip down memory lane...

Ben Speaks Stocks Drop

What? That recovery is not as robust as the henchmen media have told us?

Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke characterized the pace of economic growth as “uneven and modest by historical standards” in his semi-annual speech before Congress at 10 a.m. He acknowledged some improvement in the labor market and said that headwinds like Europe and a weak housing market would fade beyond 2012.  The central bank will release it's report on econoimc conditions, known as the Beige Book, at 2 p.m.
Uneven and modest? Or for the common folk, the economy has flatlined...

Secretary Chu Is Proud Of High Gas Prices

Prices are still not high enough.

The Energy Department isn’t working to lower gasoline prices directly, Secretary Steven Chu said Tuesday after a Republican lawmaker scolded him for his now-infamous 2008 comment that gas prices in the U.S. should be as high as in Europe.
Instead, DOE is working to promote alternatives such as biofuels and electric vehicles, Chu told House appropriators during a hearing on DOE’s budget.
Seems to be a recurring theme for these creeps.
But Americans need relief now, Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.) said — not high gasoline prices that could eventually push them to alternatives.
“I can’t look at motivations. I have to look at results. And under this administration the price of gasoline has doubled,” Nunnelee told Chu.
Gas prices doubling under Obama's watch is not enough to get everyone into golf carts yet.

Where Does Carnival Barker Carney Think Oil Comes From?

Mr. Shipman must think it comes from the kitchen sink.

Carney says Republicans are “dishonest” if they think “simply by drilling or approving the Keystone XL pipeline that that would lower gas prices.”
“Before I get started I just wanted to note that as the president predicted last week when he gave a speech at the University of Miami, upon his return to Washington, Congress or at least some members of Congress are politicizing the issue of gas prices,” Carney stated at the beginning of today’s briefing.
If these idiots would approve the Keystone pipeline, open up ANWR, frack the shale in the Rockies, and open the gulf to new exploration, the price of a barrel of oil would drop $20-$40 dollars overnight and gas prices would drop immediately.

Cheap energy won't get America into Obama's car of the future though...Like it or not, these people will do whatever it takes to get away from oil, no matter the cost.

Car of the future picture heisted from Political Clown Parade

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Recovery Summer?


 New orders for U.S. manufactured goods fell in January by the most in three years as demand fell across the board from machinery to aircraft, suggesting the economy started the year on weaker footing than expected.
Durable goods orders dropped 4.0 percent, the biggest drop since January 2009 when the country was still mired in a deep recession, according to Commerce Department data on Tuesday.
Economists had forecast orders falling 1.0 percent.

Tuesday's Tune

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Worst Is Yet To Come?

Economic devastation is coming?

Behind the mainstream Wall Street happy talk about more stable financial markets and an improving economy are grim warnings of tough times ahead from a small cadre of doomsayers who warn that the worst of the financial crisis is still to come.
Until someone gets serious about the massive debt Obama and Congress have piled on the U.S. this is unavoidable.

Gerald Celente: 
"2012 is when many of the long-simmering socioeconomic and political trends that we have been forecasting and tracking will climax," Celente noted in his Top 12 Trends 2012 newsletter. In an interview he added: "When money stops flowing to the man on the street, blood starts flowing in the street."

The Carnival Barker Is At It Again

Mr. Shipman blames Bush for Afghanistan Turmoil.

“The president made clear when he was a candidate for this office and when he took this office, that unfortunately prior to his taking office, because of the focus on Iraq, and the U.S. efforts there, that the original war, if you will, in Afghanistan had been neglected, the strategy there was unclear, and that it was not properly resourced,” said Carney, adding that the U.S. goals in Afghanistan would be met with President Obama’s “clear eyed” policy.
Three plus years in and everything is still Bush's fault. There is no expiration date for blaming Bush evidently.
Idiot rat bastards.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Recession Is Inevitable?

Obama and his henchmen the media have told us the recovery was fully underway.
Not everyone has read the memo it seems.

Lakshman Achuthan, co-founder of the Economic Cycle Research Institute, said on Friday that his research firm is sticking with the forecast it made in September: A new recession is inevitable, despite improvement in high-profile economic indicators, such as job creation and unemployment, and a stock market rally.
Achuthan predicts the recession will happen even without a new shock to the economy, such as a spike in oil and gas prices or a Greek sovereign debt default sparking a financial meltdown. If those things occur, he says they will simply make an inevitable recession more painful.
In fact, Achuthan said data gathered since his September forecast only confirms his view that economic growth has slowed to such a degree that a downturn is now unavoidable, likely by late summer.
"Now that we have several months of definitive hard data, this is not a forecast," he said, pointing to key measures that don't receive as much attention from the public or many economists.
Specifically, he identifies annual growth in industrial production, real personal income and spending, as well as the year-over-year change in gross domestic product, a broad measure of the nation's economic activity. That GDP reading has been stuck between 1.5% and 1.6% growth for the last three quarters, far less encouraging that the rising quarterly GDP, which is more widely reported.
"Basically, growth has flatlined," he said.
Lakshman Achuthan has never been wrong.

H/T Bluegrass Pundit

Obama Goes To Church

He is looking for certain voters in church.

Not only is Obama playing the race card in an attempt to pressure black Americans into voting for him, he is also violating the separation between church and state. In the video promo for the campaign, Obama urges black people to pressure churches into supporting his administration by getting his message out via “the faith community”. He also calls on voters to become “congregation captains”.
Is it a violation of separation of church and state? It appears to me it is, but I am white so it can't be anything but racist to think so. I need to get my mind right.

Karzai Wants Troops Put On Trial And Punished

I would rather see one of our troops place a GPS tracking device under his skull cap and let the drones find him...
There would be no need for any more apologies.

“Today,” Karzai said, “we had a detailed session attended by jihadi leaders, prominent scholars, speakers of both houses — the lower house and the senate–the esteemed chief justice, vice presidents and other dignitaries and our government. We discussed the matter of the burning of the Holy Koran. Representing the Afghan nation and their pure sentiments, in fact the Islamic world, once again we call on the US government to bring the perpetrators of the act to justice and put them on trial and punish them.”
Or in Randy speak...F*ck you Karzai!
You and your backward ass country are not worth one more American life.

Good Morning

It never hurts to wake up in a good mood...

Or retire for the day...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Liar In Chief (still a liar) Lies Again

Renewable energy will solve the seasonal gas spikes...

H/T Verum Serum

The man is wrong about everything..

It Is Now Time To Retaliate

The apology should never have been given. Groveling before Muslim nutcases is useless, now two more American officers are dead.

It is time to show the rest of the world enough is enough.
Gen Jacobson said: "We have seen an emotional week, we have seen a busy week - but it would be too early to say this incident was linked to what we have seen over the last days.
Huh? Turn that piece of shit country into a parking lot and bring our troops home. Not one more American life.
The Karzai apology should be coming momentarily...
More here.

Barack The Movie Star?

The mans ego knows no bounds...

President Obama’s campaign has hired Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim to produce a short film chronicling the first three years of his administration, Julianna Goldman of Bloomberg reports.
The first three years of his administration? It can be done with one picture.

About Those WMD's That Didn't Exist

They might exist after all...

The State Department has begun coordinating with Syria’s neighbors to prepare for the handling of President Bashar al-Assad’s extensive weapons of mass destruction if and when his regime collapses, The Cable has learned.
“It’s essentially a recognition of the danger to the regional and international community of the stockpiles that the regime possesses and the importance of working with countries, given the potential fall of the regime, to prevent the proliferation of these very sensitive weapons outside of Syria’s border,” one administration official said. “It’s an exponentially more dangerous program than Libya. We are talking about legitimate WMDs here — this isn’t Iraq. The administration is really concerned about loose WMDs. It’s one of the few things you could put on the agenda and do something about without planning the fall of the regime.”
Surely these are not the weapons from Iraq that never existed.

The Privilege Of Being An American

Screw you Tim...
You tried to avoid paying your fair share.

Assheads like Geithner are the problem with our system. Taxes for thee but not for me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Nite Funnies

Town Hall

Liar In Chief (still a liar) Lies Again

Five of the whoppers in Obama's energy speech.

The most outrageous? Its a tough call.

"The U.S. consumes more than a fifth of the world's oil. But we only have 2% of the world's oil reserves."
Fact: Obama constantly refers to this statistic to buttress his claim that "we can't drill our way to lower gas prices." The argument goes that since the U.S. supply is limited, it won't ever make a difference to world prices.
It's bogus. New exploration and drilling technologies have uncovered vast amounts of recoverable oil.
In fact, the U.S. has a mind-boggling 1.4 trillion barrels of oil, enough to "fuel the present needs in the U.S. for around 250 years," according to the Institute for Energy Research. The problem is the government has put most of this supply off limits.
That would be Obama's Government that has put that supply off limits.
The man even thinks we can replace oil with algae now!

Obama Gets The Blame For The Economy

The carnival barker hardest hit.

I say he will still blame Bush, but at least some are waking up.
While he waits for a GOP nominee, Obama has carved out his re-election campaign path against a do-nothing Congress, but 61 percent of those polled said they blame Obama for the economy’s slow recovery while only 21 percent hold Congress responsible.
On a brighter note, gas went up another $.10 a gallon here this morning...$3.64 and rising every few days.
Thanks Barack!
These guys better get that algae to the pumps quick...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Nite Tart

Its night time somewhere...Georgia Salpa tarts it up this week.

Rule 5

More Drilling Results In Dependence On Foreign Oil?

There should be a IQ requirement for Congress critters. Part of the rules Ms. Schultz is getting the frigging oil out of the ground!

“The Republican field, like Mitt Romney, thinks that we just need to remain tethered and dependent on foreign oil because all they would do is more and more drilling, which is a very shortsighted approach and it would do nothing to prevent people who are struggling to put $80 into their gas tanks to be able to make sure that that’s more affordable,” Wasserman Schultz said on MSNBC.
Ever hear of the Keystone pipeline Debbie?

Sinead O'Connor Wants To Pose For Playboy

Should sell seven three copies...

"A Playboy shoot is on my bucket list. And I like the idea of doing some interview in weird sex gear, talking about something really serious. The economy!
"You can talk about serious issues while you're b****ck naked. On all fours in your dog collar!"
She still hates the Pope too.
Good grief.

Romney Leads Obama (Gallup)

Hold the election today and vote the smug bastard out!

If the election were held today, 50 percent said they would support Romney versus 46 percent who would support Obama, according to Gallup. The president holds the edge on former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, 49 percent to 48.
America will not survive another 4 years of Obama.

Picture Of The Week (maybe best ever)

From the genius of Diogenes

Its Time To Get Out Of Afghanistan (Updated)

The ungrateful bastards are not worth one more American life.

Two U.S. troops have been shot to death and four more wounded by an Afghan solider who turned his gun on his allies in apparent anger over the burning of Qurans at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan, an Afghan official tells CBS News.
They sure as hell are not worth apologizing to.
This piece of shit wants a public trial for the Quran burners?

How about a sharpshooter from the 101st invites you to the barbeque?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don't Blame Obama For High Gas prices

The man is shameless.

President Obama does not “accept responsibility” for high gas prices, his spokesman indicated today, arguing that Obama has done everything he could to bring down the price of oil and blaming the high gas prices on oil price increases caused by global factors.
One doesn't have to look very far to find the several reasons for high prices...

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The Mind Of A Liberal

These people need to be destroyed ( at the ballot box)...


Picture Of The Day

From Capitalist Preservation

Alternative Reality

I just want to scream...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jay (the carnival barker) Carney

Mr. Shipman is off the rails on this one.

Jake Tapper: “How can you say that you have an all the above on approach if the President turned down the Keystone pipeline? And you blame the Republicans for making it political.”
Carney: “But the President didn’t turn down the Keystone pipeline. There was a process in place, with long precedent, run out of the State Department because of the issue of the pipeline crossing an international boundary, that required an amount of time for proper for review after an alternate route was deemed necessary through Nebraska at the request of the Republican Governor of Nebraska and other stakeholders in Nebraska and the region that needed to play out, to be done appropriately. You can’t review and approve a pipeline, the route for which doesn’t even exist.
Who can really take these people seriously anymore?

Franklin Graham 'I Assume Obama Is A Christian'

I wouldn't bet on it.

“You have to ask him. I cannot answer that question for anybody. All I know is I’m a sinner, and God has forgiven me of my sins… You have to ask every person. He has said he’s a Christian, so I just have to assume that he is.”
Personally I could care less, I just don't believe a word that comes out of Obama's mouth.

Tuesday's Tune

A twofer Tuesday...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Best News Of The Day

All that Bush bashing and Obama still has a  worse favorable rating.

Obama -3

Bush -1


More Media Bias (that doesn't exist)

Good grief.

Well-known public radio host Garrison Keillor is hosting a fundraiser for President Obama in his home state of Minnesota.
Obama campaign manager Jim Messina will be in the North Star state this week for several events, including a fundraiser at the home of Keillor, Minnesota Public Radio reports.
Any day now I expect Brian Williams or Scott Pelley to host one too.

Raw Footage Of Mooch Skiing

From White House Dossier.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making Some Changes At Ye Old Blog

I switched the commenting thing-a- majiggy to Disqus and playing with a few other doohickys to try to join the 21st century. I believe every ones past comments should show up tomorrow if I imported them right, and since I am not technically technology gifted I may be screaming for help in the morning...Odie, did you hear that Odie??

Liberals Love Loopholes

Some even milk them to their advantage.

With his astonishing hypocrisy on taxes, Senator Bill Nelson has exemplified the term ‘limousine liberal’ — someone who says one thing and does another.  Not only has Senator Nelson cried out that local and county workers are being robbed by tax loopholes, we now know the identity of that robber is none other than Bill Nelson himself.  Senator Nelson’s six cows may have found him a legal way to avoid paying the taxes that help pay the county workers he claims to defend, but it is certainly the despicable and dishonorable way.
Or in liberalspeak... Do as I say, not as I do. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Personally it sickens me...

(Aspen Daily News) — First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Aspen on Friday afternoon and is here with her daughters for a ski vacation.
Few details about her trip were available. Sources said she is staying at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, owners of the Aspen Skiing Co. She is reportedly skiing at Buttermilk today, where the Crowns, of Chicago, own a home on the Tiehack side.
After a month of downsizing candy bars and shaping up our military, it was time for another vacation. Besides that last $4 million dollar jaunt was a month ago!

These people love to flaunt their extravagant (taxpayer funded) lifestyle. The taxpayer funded part is what sickens me the most.

Picture Of The Week (maybe best ever)

Heisted from Moonbattery

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Nite Funnies

Town Hall

Steven Chu About To Get Chewed?

This report may be the one that rolls over him...

Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu may have personally intervened in a $1.4 billion partial loan guarantee in an effort to help floundering solar company Solyndra, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee alleged in a letter Friday.
Committee Republicans opened a new front in their ongoing investigation of the Solyndra scandal in a letter to Chu on Friday, requesting documents and emails regarding a $1.4 billion loan to a solar project that was to be supplied equipment by Solyndra.
Thump, thump, thump.