Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Cure For Gun Violence?

It has to be someones fault other than the actual culprit!

We should care about preserving the right to sue not only for those who are injured or killed, but because litigation is a useful supplement to regulation. Especially for guns, given that regulation is anemic in the first place. Often, defendants will change their behavior—self-regulate, in other words—rather than risk liability.  Faced with the public nuisance suits, Smith & Wesson agreed to limit retail customers to no more than one gun within a two-week period and threatened dealers with cancellation of their contracts if "a disproportionate number" of crimes were committed with guns they sold. S&W also began installing safely locks on its weapons. That last bit is particularly important because the Consumer Product Safety Commission is forbidden from regulating firearms.
The left will go to any length to blame someone or something other than the problem, as long as it furthers their agenda. God forbid putting unstable people back in hospitals or asylums(many belong there and function fine!) where they can receive care.
Sometimes commitment is the kind thing to do.

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