Saturday, December 1, 2012

FMJRA (Randy Style)

A long over due thank you to all the great folks who link or comment here...

A few of the linkers as well as a few of the best of the blogroll.

I rarely miss a day when The Woodsterman is not my first stop...Always before breakfast and never with a mouthful of beverage, I learned the hard way. Thanks Odie!
Saturday Linkaround and too many to track  from my buddy Proof Positive
The Pirates Cove with Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, and a few posts not dealing with Rule 5! Thanks a bunch William!
Right Jabs from Political Clown Parade...Several times. Thanks much Carol!
A special nod to the master gardener from Idaho who always finds time to link, visit and comment, Adrienne's Corner. Thank you very much "young lady!"
Sentry Journal is a weekly linker. Much appreciated John.
The Classic Liberal always seems to find a Rule 5 treat to link to.
Reaganite Republican, even if he is into Weird Chicks links frequently. Thanks RR!
The Daley Gator has a uncanny knack for gathering as much news as anyone on the innerwebs, and occasionally links to something besides Thursday Nite Tart! Thanks Doug.
Matt at Conservative Hideout 2.0 has a top notch blog and is always linking and visiting.
Teresamerica is another who links more often than I can keep up with. Thanks Teresa.
One of my favorite visitors who also links on occasion is Liberty At Stake 
I almost forgot Always On Watch and the Mr.
Many thanks to the biggies iOTW, American Power and The Other McCain for stopping by and their links.

There are many others I owe a nod and a thank you to not listed here so I will update this when the three remaining brain cells I have bump into each other and I remember all of you (a good chunk of my blogroll).

It would not be right not to mention Bunni who is fighting a terminal case of cancer, I pray for her daily because I don't know the words to say.
Also Jamie at The Eye Of Polyphemus has been down after some major health problems. Get well soon Jamie.

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