Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reasons To be Upbeat

This picture is for Adrienne.

Picture jacked from outside Paco's church.
Also the Redskins rule should help the faithful.
George Will has joined the pickers of a Romney landslide also.
The insiders have seen numbers we haven't.
The million muppet march missed its mark by a hair or 999,000.

I don't trust most media polls but I do believe the American people have seen enough of Barack and Michelle to run them out of office.
When its all said and done (no matter the outcome) the sun will still rise, I will still have God, my family (the two best grandkids ever!), friends, (the best blogger buddies in the country!) a small resemblance of sanity, and my faith.
I have already voted so now its out of my hands and into others.

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