Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Problem With Redistribution

There just isn't as much to share anymore...

A new report put out by the Pew Research Center finds that the median income is worse now than it was during the Great Recession.
Barack Husein Obama..MMM.
“The decrease in household income from 2009 to 2011 almost exactly equaled the decrease in income in the two years of the recession,” the Pew report stated. “During the Great Recession, the median U.S. household income (in 2011 dollars) dropped from $54,489 in 2007 to $52,195 in 2009, a loss of 4.2 percent. By this yardstick, the recovery from the Great Recession is bypassing the nation’s households.”
Barack Husein Obama...MMM.
The Pew report added that the recovery is the “most negative for household income during any post-recession period in the past four decades,” which means that the median household income has not risen above a previous peak over the past 12 years.
Barack Husein Obama...MMM.
“[T]he economic health of American families deteriorated further in the first two years of the recovery from the Great Recession,” the Pew report explains. “Much like an unwelcome dinner guest who does not know when it is time to leave, the Great Recession seems blissfully unaware that it was declared over in June 2009.”
I refuse to believe this race is this close.

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