Friday, August 10, 2012

Time To Take A Break

I am headed back to the desert for five days(I don't care if it is 115!). I am in dire need of some time away(I still don't feel 100%). Slot machines and craps tables in Laughlin and Lake Havasu and family down the river.

You all know the drill...Odie will keep you entertained, Adrienne will keep you up to date on the news, Political Clown Parade and Stogie I am sure will have their daily photochops to poke fun at the enemy. My buddy Proof will link to a bevy of babes and the top news items( I think!) with his weekly linkaround. Jamie will stay abreast of lovely women and sci-fi. And don't forget Reaganite Republican and his Sunday Funnies. Or hit the sidebar for a blogroll of all my favorites.
I will have my I-Pad along and might throw something up while away, if not see you next Thursday..

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