Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday Nite Tart (on Friday)

Vacation screwed up my days and nites. Kelly Brook returns to tart it up this week.

There is no such thing as too much Kelly Brook...
I will work on getting some other Rule 5 boggers and their treats linked up later today.

The Eye Of Polyphemus treats us to Roxanne Pallett and Elizabeth Banks
The Friday Pinup from The Admiral
Woodsterman knows of a blonde who can read
Proof Positive has one of my all time favorites as his Friday Nite Babe
If All You See from The Pirates Cove
The Camp Of The Saints has A Little Hump Day Rule 5
You Didn't Build That from The Classic Liberal
American Power and Topless Chainsaw Activist
The Friday Babe from The Right Way
The Last Tradition has Megan Rossee
Daley Babe from The Daley Gator

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