Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obama Leads Romney In Polls

Amazing how that happens when they count  MORE Democrats!
Yesterday the Washington Post, today Reuters, tomorrow?

(1) Barack Obama "leads" Mitt Romney by 6 points overall, with independents woefully under-represented.
(2) Obama's job approval rating is 48/47, a +1 result in a D+9 sample.  That's bad news for the president.
(3) Worse news for The One: Of the few independents sampled, only 41 percent approve of his job performance.  As Jay Cost notes, that's worse than Dukakis territory.
(4) The president is 10 points underwater on the economy -- again, with a sample skew that should really goose his numbers on every question.
(5) Almost inexplicably, Republicans hold a four-point advantage on the survey's generic Congressional ballot.  I repeat, D+9 sample.
I despise the media.

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