Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Randy Turns Two

My blog anyway...
Two years, 2,360 posts, 255,000 plus visitors and 388,000 plus page views later I am still having some fun...
Most of those visitors coming in the last five months due to being linked by some very popular bloggers with large audiences.

A special thanks to a few of those 'biggies'.

American Power Thanks much Donald.
The Other McCain Rule 5 master of the universe!
Say Anything I have met Rob and followed his blog for around five years now. Thanks much dude!
Reaganite Republican James is da man!
The Pirates Cove Many thanks William.
Maggies Notebook Who has hurt her back and is recuperating.

I was under the assumption it was my wit and knack for cutting edge analysis that brought readers here until my good buddy Proof pointed out I am usually my wittiest on Wednesday and even sharper on Thursday...

I have conversed with many great people the last few years who share my conservative principles and beliefs. You all know who you are (look at my blogroll) I visit most of you daily or weekly (work and family take time too!) I am more informed now on the issues of the day than at any time in my life, largely due to the conservative blogosphere.

This year I get to celebrate my blog 'o' versary with my Grand Daughter Lauryn who turns one this weekend (close enough to celebrate together). She is my favorite "Brown Eyed Girl"...

Enjoy...Every day you get to, I do

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