Sunday, April 29, 2012

First There Were Phony Soldiers Now Its Phony Native Americans?

Good grief what is with liberals?
I didn't see any Native American look to Elizabeth Warren either.

Elizabeth Warren said she had no idea until she read the Herald today her Native American heritage was touted by Harvard Law School as proof of their faculty’s diversity in the 1990s — a fact her rival wants her to apologize for.
“I think I read it on the front page of the Herald,” Warren said when asked about the issue.
Sure you did Lizzy.
“I don’t even remember,” she added when asked about a 1996 Harvard Crimson article that quoted a then-law school spokesman touting her minority status. “You’re trying to raise something from 15 years ago.”
If I had a dollar for every lie, or lie by omission from a liberal I could have retired years ago.
H/T Jim Hoft

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