Saturday, March 31, 2012

The NAACP Is Fearful Of Al Sharpton Throwing The Match

The serial racebaiter has already doused the situation with kerosene, and now the local chapter of the NAACP is condeming Al's racist rants.

Turner Clayton, the Seminole County chapter president of the NAACP, reacted immediately to Sharpton's warning, saying, "We hope that the citizens of Sanford will govern themselves accordingly. We are not calling for any sanctions, against any business or anyone else. And, of course, what Rev. Sharpton does, that's strictly the [National] Action Network.  We can't condone that part of the conversation, if that's what he said."
Crown Heights in some ones memory banks?
If this turns into riots or a race battle on a larger scale, my feeling is Obama will be the biggest loser. 12% of the population will never get him re-elected. Sure there will be some 'white guilt' folks who vote for him, but this imagined race problem Sharpton stirs up constantly will backfire in Nov. Most decent folks are sick of this crap.

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