Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek Rule 5 Break

Its break time with Tiffany Fallon...

Keep looking for these other fine Rule 5 bloggers and their treasures.

Proof Positive turns 4 years old (go say happy b-day) and has Sex In Advertising
The Eye Of Polyphemus treats us to Gillian Anderson and Monica Bellucci
Rule 5 Saturday from The Camp Of The Saints
Maggie's Notebook has Midweek Rule 5
If All You See that needs to be seen from The Pirates Cove
Burkalesque Babe Fiona Apple at Jake Finnegan
The Classic Liberal shares Kim Smith with us
Rule 5 Woodsterman style from Odie
The Daley Gator has a Daley Babe
Guns and Bikinis has a model from Yuma
Marilyn in her prime from The Last Tradition

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