Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Obama Promised Change

All he changed was his mind. He needs more cash.
Obama still wants to eliminate super-PACS...When he doesn't need them anymore.

President Obama's top campaign strategist said that Obama "will continue to fight" to eliminate superPACs after the presidential campaign, but needs superPACs for now to combat Republicans.
Believe nothing from this administration. Nothing.


Proof said...

Not to overuse the H word (hypocrite), but this is also the guy who, in 2008, vowed to use public financing of his campaign, until he realized it would be to his advantage to milk the cash cows of politics (and dubious overseas contributions) and abandoned his principled (stop laughing!) adherence to public campaign financing.

Will Profit said...

Can these people hear the s*** they are saying? Can these idiots who will vote for Barack hear the s*** these people are saying? Obama's 2012 run is a mish mashed parody of Jabberwocky and Alice in Wonderland.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

And what he can't spend in PAC money, he'll spend in your tax money.