Saturday, January 21, 2012

Facts Don't Matter

Are liberals too dumb to understand?
NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: You know, Newt knows how to play this game. And as Charles said, he is in his own backyard, right next to Georgia, and he is incredibly glib. It doesn’t matter that, you know, that there were more people on food stamps under George W. Bush. It doesn’t matter that his suggestion is that minorities are the ones who get food stamps, that far more white people get food stamps. It doesn’t matter that working people get food stamps in order to feed their families. Facts don’t matter to him and it makes for great, it makes for great talk.

Huh? Earth to Nina!
USDA data released this week shows that the number of Americans receiving food aid from the Supplemental Nutrional Assistance Program (SNAP) hit another all-time high in August. 45.8 million people -- almost 15% of the country -- were enrolled in the program, which replaced Food Stamps in 2008. This is only a slight increase from July, when 45.3 million Americans were receiving SNAP help -- but a massive 31% jump since June 2009, when the National Bureau of Economic Research declared the most recent recession over.
That part about all time high was too hard to understand? These people are in their own little worlds. They believe what they want, they say what they want. Facts don't matter! She has a mission, and that is to see that Newt (and most all Republicans) get the worst possible press treatment possible.
Folks this far removed from reality scare me,.


Proof said...

Randy, Randy, Randy! Facts only distract from the narrative. It's the story that liberals tell that makes them feel good about themselves, not the facts!

WomanHonorThyself said...

facts?..whats a fact to a LIBtard? It's a snowy weekend here in NYC!:)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank you for using a short video!