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Another Trip Down Memory Lane Is In Order

With all the talk of racism coming from the the Democrats and the media I think its time to remind the liberals of who and where racism comes from.
They own it! 

Democrats: The Missing Years
52 years of history they want you to forget.
* There is no reference to the number of Democratic Party platforms supporting slavery. There were 6 from 1840-1860.
* There is no reference to the number of Democratic presidents who owned slaves. There were 7 from 1800-1861
* There is no reference to the number of Democratic Party platforms that either supported segregation outright or were silent on the subject. There were 20, from 1868-1948.
* There is no reference to "Jim Crow" as in "Jim Crow laws," nor is there reference to the role Democrats played in creating them. These were the post-Civil War laws passed enthusiastically by Democrats in that pesky 52-year part of the DNC's missing years. These laws segregated public schools, public transportation, restaurants, rest rooms and public places in general (everything from water coolers to beaches). The reason Civil Rights heroine Rosa Parks became famous is that she sat in the front of a "whites only" bus, the "whites only" designation the direct result of Democrats.
* There is no reference to the formation of the Ku Klux Klan, which, according to Columbia University historian Eric Foner became "a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party." Nor is there reference to University of North Carolina historian Allen Trelease's description of the Klan as the "terrorist arm of the Democratic Party."
* There is no reference to the fact Democrats opposed the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution. The Thirteenth banned slavery. The Fourteenth effectively overturned the infamous 1857 Supreme Court Dred Scott decision (made by Democrat pro-slavery Supreme Court justices) by guaranteeing due process and equal protection to former slaves. The Fifteenth gave black Americans the right to vote.
* There is no reference to the fact Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. It was passed by the Republican Congress over the veto of Democratic President Andrew Johnson. The law was designed to provide blacks with the right to own private property, sign contracts, sue and serve as witnesses in a legal proceeding.
* There is no reference to the Democrats' opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1875. It was passed by a Republican Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses Grant. The law prohibited racial discrimination in public places and public accommodations.
The read is well worth your time, and a great reminder of who these people are.

Thursday Nite Tart

Because its night time somewhere....Shauna Sand is this weeks TNT.

Rule 5

Focused Like A Laser

Worst President ever in record time.

Picture Of The Day

I knew the real one would surface....

Jacked from i Own The World

The Definition Of Crazy

Lawrence is off the rails...

Let The Race Games Begin (updated)

"I am playing the damn card now."
Tavis Smiley piles on.
Birtherist are racist.
Its the Donald who is racist.

Barry should have left well enough alone, rather than put out a phony copy doctored up so bad Dan Rather would not have run with it....
I don't know what the big deal is anyway, many of us have seen the original copy.

Bob Schieffer wants in too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On The Lighter Side

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

The seven dwarfs always left to go work in
the mine early each morning. As always,
Snow White stayed home doing her domestic chores.

As lunchtime approached she would prepare
their lunch and carry it to the mine. 

One day as she arrived at the mine with
the lunch she saw that there had been a
terrible cave-in. Tearfully, and fearing
the worst, Snow White began calling out,
hoping against hope that the dwarfs had
somehow survived. 

 'Hello!...Hello!' she shouted. 'Can anyone
hear me? Hello! 

For a long while, there was no answer.
Losing hope, Snow White again shouted,
'Hello! Is anyone down there?

Just as she was about to give up all hope, She heard a faint voice from deep within
the mine, singing . . .....'Vote for Barack
Obama. Vote for Barack Obama! Snow White fell to her knees, crossed
herself and prayed, 'Oh, thank you God!
At least Dopey is still alive!'


Democrats Running Short Of Voters

Just get them anyway possible.

Barry need those 12 million undocumented democRATS before 2012....

Tuesday's Tune

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Top Us News Anchor

Bad April fools day joke?

My God, I question the sanity of this writer more so than the dude with the chicks name.... 
However, Maddow is an anchor who is, she says later, spitting out the newly learned word, "definitely not an 'autocutie'". And if there were any doubt, when she stands up from her desk, she reveals that the jacket is worn, not with a pencil skirt, but a pair of jeans and cumbersome black and red trainers. "And not just jeans – ugly jeans!" Maddow laughs, proudly, and then swiftly swaps that regulation jacket for a grey sweatshirt.
Autocutie? WTF? Not any type of cutie Rachel, you are butt ugly, and that is just your personality. You don't look good either!
Top U.S. News anchor? Not on that network....

Barry The Businessman

Government Motors dominates the worst cars list.

Thank goodness we put up $80 billion to bail out GM and Chrysler. They are now building such wonderful cars that they have achieved total dominance of the Forbes "Worst Cars on the Road" list, which we could also call the "Bottom Eleven."


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Thanks (with a few updates)

A quick thanks to the all of you who linked to something cobbled together over here this last week....
In no particular order this week except for this first one.
That Mr. McCain fellow and his Rule 5 sent a few folks my way, ok several, er hundreds....
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Many more (Odie)(Christopher) (The Admiral) sent visitors here this month, haven't quite figured out why(rule 5, heh.), but there has been almost 6,000 page views this month and a shade over 3,400 visitors so  far.
Not bad for a hack, rookie with a keyboard.
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Update II.

Communist Lovers

Jimmy to North Korea.

Harry to China.

What is a person to think....
Looking for new ideas from your people?

What Will Ben Say Next

Sarah has your number Ben.

The big question as Chairman Bernanke gets set for his first quarterly press conference is how Sarah Palin was able to figure out sooner than everyone else that the Federal Reserve’s campaign of quantitative easing wouldn’t work. Disappointment in the Fed’s policies is being reported this morning at the top of page one of the New York Times. It reports that “most Americans are not feeling the difference” from the Fed’s “experimental effort to spur a recovery by purchasing vast quantities of federal debt.” It reports that “a broad range of economists say that the disappointing results show the limits of the central bank’s ability to lift the nation from its economic malaise.”
The butt of liberal jokes for the last two years....
You were warned.
It will be something to watch for in his first big press conference Wednesday. No doubt it will be one of the most crowded press conferences in recent memory, and there will be lots to ask about. But one of the questions will be how in tarnation Mrs. Palin figured it out so far ahead of everyone else.
Keep pushing ethanol and windmills Barry, see if they will pay China's bill.

Picture Of The Day

Honesty is always the best policy.

Even if it is a bit late....

We Are Still A Christian Nation

61% of us will attend church today.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 61% of Adults will attend a church service, and 44% will take part in an Easter egg hunt. 

Contrary to what the manchild occupying the White House thinks, or says....

Easter Morning

Have a blessed day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

His Job

Raise cash, golf, repeat....

That would put the total rounds played since his anointment in the mid 60's I believe....
That president stuff is hard damn work.

The Religion Of Peace

They beat their people, kill their people, torture their people....And their women are treated worse.
The Religion Of Peace.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Assad and his killers in Syria, the little creep building nukes in Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the PLO in Gaza, Afghanistan, Pakistan, anywhere the Religion Of Peace is....There is death and violence.

Islam is the problem.

Barry Would Never Approve Of This Car

But I sure would look good in it!

1957, 1958, and 1959 Chevy(way back when GM was still a real car manufacturer) all rolled into one.

Built by N2A Motors(no two alike)....
No bumper stickers allowed. Well maybe one....

Another Recession?

I didn't know the last one was over....

The Tipping Point.
Of the six US recessions since 1970, all but the "9-11 year 2001 recession" have been linked to—of not triggered by—energy prices that crossed the 6 percent of personal consumption expenditures, he said. (During the shallow 2001 recession, energy prices had risen to about 5 percent of spending, which is higher than the long-term 4 percent share.)
So it now costs me $4.00 to get my $5.00 corn flakes.
Barry, Nancy, and Harry spent how many trillions of dollars to fix the "Great Recession"?
What a losing, lying bunch of leftist loonies....

Union Agenda

"Forget about the law."

H/T The Astute Bloggers.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Nite Funnies

Earth Day....

Picture from Sad Hill News.
President Obama declared today's 41st annual Earth Day proof of America's ecological and conservation spirit—then completed a three-day campaign-style trip logging 10,666 miles on Air Force One, eating up some 53,300 gallons at a cost of about $180,000. And that doesn't include the fuel consumption of his helicopter, limo, or the 29 other vehicles that travel with that car.
Anyone tracking algores footprint?

Friday Nite Funnies(morning edition)

Allen West

He doesn't mince words...

I may vote for him even if he doesn't run.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jim DeMint Blasts NLRB

From the hero of the U.S. Senate.
On Obama and the NLRB's attack on Boeing and right to work states.

"This is nothing more than a political favor for the unions who are supporting President Obama's re-election campaign. Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of hundreds of jobs in South Carolina and thousands of jobs nationwide. There is no doubt that if the National Labor Relations Board's claim against Boeing moves forward, it will have a chilling effect on job growth in my state and in right-to-work states across the country. Using the federal government as political weapon to protect union bosses at the expense of American jobs cannot be tolerated. I intend to use every tool at my disposal as a United States Senator to stop the President from carrying out this malicious act."
We need more just like Senator DeMint.

Thursday Nite Tart

Its Night time somewhere.....
This weeks TNT is the lovely Chanelle Hayes.
Have to love Rule 5.

Feel Good Story Of The Day

NY Times profit falls 57%

Content, content, content....And Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd, Pinch Sulsberger....

Mission Creep

Of a different variety.

Ellison took exception to the use of “Islam” or “Islamic” in relation to the terrorists at war against the United States. Ellison said some of them may be Muslim, or they may be White Supremacists, or Christians.
When a Christian or white supremacist flys a plane into a building I will take this Muslim hack seriously.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011