Monday, December 5, 2011

Obama Black Outreach (more lies)

When will they tire of his lies...

Stung by summertime allegations that they neglected their bedrock African-American constituency, the White House and President Barack Obama’s reelection team have cranked up their outreach to black voters, selling the president’s first-term achievements as accomplishments that will pay long-term dividends for the black community.

Top administration aides and Cabinet officials have fanned out to black communities, touting those accomplishments — including health care reform, unemployment insurance extensions, public-education overhauls and programs encouraging minority entrepreneurship — and last month, they hosted a summit on African-American issues.
Great accomplishments indeed.
Steve Gilbert nails it:
In reality, Obama has trapped many more Americans of all race in poverty, in the underclass. Which is his goal and the goal of the Democrat Party, which needs people to be dependent on the government as the source of all the good things in their lives.
Anyone but Obama in 2012...

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Always On Watch said...

Obama is reaching out to blacks right now only because he wants their votes.

Sadly, I doubt that many blacks will see through this ruse.