Monday, December 12, 2011

Kagan Prefers To Keep Her Job

The possibility of being impeached for lying to Congress has given her a change of heart...

In its notice, the court said Justice Elena Kagan had recused herself from the decision to take the case.
Justice Kagan has come under fire for not recusing herself from the decision to hear challenges to the new health care law.
She had no choice.
Someone is hoping this move will keep the wolves at bay.

I still think she needs to be removed from the court by impeachment.


USA_Admiral said...

She reeks of a guilty activist masquerading as a supreme court justice.

Cactus Mark said...

^^^ Ditto for the wise Latina.

Kagen is a disaster is so many ways. Sure she's a flaming liberal who's never worked a day in her life but after reviewing all of her previous judicial rulings, you have to admit she's has never made a bad one. [I should get an appointment to the Obama cabinet for that spin].

Another question that comes in to play is how the timing of the case will play out. She won't be impeached as long as The One is in office. Maybe that's why it will be heard by SCOTUS before the elections?