Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Will They Occupy Corzine?

Great friend and ally gets a golden parachute...

Everyone who runs their business into the ground is worth $12.1 million right?
Former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine is out of a job now that the Wall Street firm he headed, MF Global, has gone bankrupt, but don’t worry. He’ll be just fine.
Corzine has a couple of things to keep him out of the unemployment line. First, he’s a “great friend” and “ally” of President Barack Obama, as the president himself has said.
And second, he’s expected to receive a $12.1 million severance package — the kind of things that critics of Wall Street excess, like Obama, often call “golden parachutes.”
Obama's own words...
“You’ve got corporate executives who are giving themselves million dollar golden parachutes and leaving workers high and dry,” Obama said in the 2008 ad. “That’s wrong. It’s an outrage.”
Any bets on when Barry will call Corzine another "outrage"? 

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