Friday, October 7, 2011

How Many New Hires?


Nearly half of the gains last month occurred because 45,000 striking Verizon workers returned to their jobs.
Employers have added an average of only 72,000 jobs in the past five months. The economy must create twice as many just to keep up with population growth.
Half came from striking workers returning to work? Well done Barry. 

Another record. 
Unemployment has exceeded 8 percent since February 2009, the longest stretch of such elevated joblessness since monthly records began in 1948.


Ron Russell said...

Seeing that image above reminds me of what I've heard about the "Great Depression" at that time the CA Highway Patrol set up road blocks at the state line on the eastern border and turned back the flood of Olkies coming into the state.

Randy-g said...

I fear it is going to happen again.