Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"He May Or May Not Have Perjured Himself"

He perjured himself, and he should be indicted. I hope Issa stands firm.

“He may or may not have perjured himself, but he certainly failed to answer my questions and [Rep.] Jason Chaffetz’s questions about what did he know – he implied he knew nothing when in fact he at least knew something,” Issa said on Fox News. “We certainly would like to believe that he was disingenuous but not lying. The fact is, the people who are making those statements on his behalf are lying on his behalf, period.”
A lie is a lie. Period. Lying In to a  Congressional committee is perjury. 
The complete rundown on Eric Holder and crew can be found here.

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Trestin said...

I think good old Eric is going to mysterious step down for personal reasons very soon.