Thursday, October 20, 2011

Conservatives VS.Liberals

No "moderate" Democrats left. Not that there was that big of difference (they did what Pelosi told them).
The Blue Dogs are gone.

Rep. Dennis Cardoza, D-Calif., announced his retirement from Congress this afternoon — and he issued a scathing parting shot at President Obama’s track record on his way out.
In a statement explaining his decision, Cardoza, a leader of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition, said he was “dismayed” by the administration’s “failure to understand and effectively address the current housing foreclosure crisis.”
“Home foreclosures are destroying communities and crushing our economy, and the Administration’s inaction is infuriating,” Cardoza said.
Obama and Pelosi have almost entirely cleaned  the House of any Democrat member even remotely close to the center. It is not by accident.

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