Sunday, October 9, 2011

Barack Obama (working hard for the little guy)

The hardest working President ever took his personal chef golfing? Is he going to whip up something special after the first nine?

Taking a break from conducting class warfare, President Obama yesterday loaded up his twelve-car motorcade and went golfing for the 25th time this year, heading out with White House chef and healthy food guru Sam Kass.
Because nothing says "I am working hard for you", than taking your personal chef to the links.
And if you are keeping track (and you should) this will be round 83 since taking office.


Adrienne said...

And.............after golf, he headed to Camp David "alone." Sure he did - 'cause we all know how much he loves Camp David.

Damn! I can't wait for the "tell-all" books...

Amusing Bunni said...

We know what those two will be whipping up, and it's not lunch!

He's gonna be "alone", yeah, right.