Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Midweek Rule 5 Break

Time to cheer up and take a break with Nicci Pisari.

And take a look at these other fine Rule 5 posts.

From The Eye Of Polyphemus.
Natalie Portman, Sasha Grey, and one my all time favorites Cameron Diaz.

If All You See
Daleybabe Simone Annan
Hot Romanian Chicks IV
Yvonne Strahovski
Sex In Advertising
Guns and Bikinis
If All You See 

Will update as time and energy allow...


Ron Russell said...

Thats one fine looking Babe, Randy. I may steal one of those pics for my Guns and Bikini blog. I finally got it up and running again. Lost most of the old post, but many of the incoming links are still there. Its a PR3, I had the old one up to a PR4 and eventually I'll build this one up again.

Randy-g said...

I am happy to hear things are getting better there Ron. I will be looking forward to Guns and Bikinis again!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I do so love hump day!