Thursday, September 15, 2011

James Carville Gets It, Will Obama?

Fire, Indict, Fight!

I like his first two ideas...The first will probably happen. Number two? Highly unlikely with corrupt AG Holder at the helm, sounds good though.

1. Fire somebody. No -- fire a lot of people. This may be news to you but this is not going well. For precedent, see Russian Army 64th division at Stalingrad. There were enough deaths at Stalingrad to make the entire tea party collectively orgasm.
2. Indict people. There are certain people in American finance who haven't been held responsible for utterly ruining the economic fabric of our country. Demand from the attorney general a clear status of the state of investigation concerning these extraordinary injustices imposed upon the American people. I know Attorney General Eric Holder is a close friend of yours, but if his explanations aren't good, fire him too. Demand answers to why no one has been indicted.
James is still a fruitloop of major proportions, as this little snippet emerges from the cranium from hell.
As I watch the Republican debates, I realize that we are on the brink of a crazy person running our nation. I sit in front of the television and shudder at the thought of one of these creationism-loving, global-warming-denying, immigration-bashing, Social-Security-cutting, clean-air-hating, mortality-fascinated, Wall-Street-protecting Republicans running my country.
Mary my dear and how and why do you do it? Yikes...


Reaganite Republican said...

Who's next to turn- Alan Grayson?

Adrienne said...

I have always wondered why people like Carville (one of the most repulsive humans I've ever seen or heard) get so much airtime? The quality of the people that show up on all the Sunday news programs, pontificating and posturing, is a mystery.

Amusing Bunni said...

He"s creepy, he looks like that elf from lord of the rings. Is obummer starting not to be "his precious" anymore? hmmmmm.