Monday, September 19, 2011

3 Trillion In Cuts?

More class warfare...

Administration officials said the proposal will pay for Obama's $447 billion jobs plan while cutting $3 trillion in deficit spending over 10 years. 
That first trillion worked so well, he will blow another half trillion... Jobs bill my a$$...
Administration officials said Obama will also propose tax reform to lower tax rates, cut loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, reduce the deficit by $1.5 trillion, grow the economy and "be consistent with the Buffet rule."
The Buffet rule or principle Obama will endorse says that the middle class should not pay a higher rate of taxes proportionate to their incomes than millionaires and billionaires.
To that end, administration officials said that tax reform and the estimated $800 billion that would be saved from rolling back the Bush tax cuts "would be sufficient to hit the $1.5 trillion target that we're setting

They didn't earn the name tax and spend liberals without uh, "TAXING and SPENDING!"
Barry won't be around, and neither will most members of Congress over the next ten years. 
Sleight of hand...Must be polling well.
It does after all reduce spending 200 billion a year...Half of what Mr. unicorn wants to spend right now.
You betcha!

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

3 trillion in proposed spending cuts for the next ten years is more Washington Economic lying. How about you balance the budget this year A$$ Hat.

Randy, your team left something at my place.