Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Help Minot Recover From Flooding (Updated)

With a few clicks of the mouse.

Most folks(who don't live under rocks) know of the devastating flood in Minot ND recently.
Coca-Cola is running a contest that will reward one park in America with the most votes with $100,000. Right now, Oak Park in Minot (which was destroyed by the flooding) is running in second place in the voting. If you click HERE, and search for Minot on the map you can cast a vote for Oak Park and move us a little closer to getting that $100,000 prize.
Also you can be a Democrat for a day or two...Yes, you can vote early and vote often! No limits on voting!
$100,000 grand will help  immensely.
Thanks to Rob at Say Anything for the tip! 

Keep voting Minot has moved to 1st place!


Teresa said...

This is a good contest. I hope Minot wins. I voted. I will be voting the Democrat way again shortly.

Randy-g said...

Teresa, thanks for voting the Democrat way!

Adrienne said...

Already voted early and often...

Stealing your post, too. (Cause my stupid broken toe hurts today. Will this ever heal??? And I don't want any snide remarks about taking longer 'cause I'm an old fart - thank you very much!)

Randy-g said...

Adrienne, perhaps if you rested a bit that toe would heal? I know how you young women are always on the go...Hope it gets better soon.

Adrienne said...

Well - I'll concede that spending most of the day in the "gully" planting more trees, fertilizing the rest of the bushes and trees (about 60), hand clipping the tall grass around the new trees, expanding the wells around the trees and bushes, weeding the cutting garden, trimming my precious weeping willows, and cutting the lawn (I do get to ride, though), followed by helping hubby sort stuff in his office probably didn't help.

About those weeping willows. Always wanted a weeping willow but as you know, you would never plant a weeping willow in a normal yard with sewers and sidewalks and such.

So we get 5 acres and I think, "Wow, I can have a weeping willow. No wait............I can have a bunch of weeping willows 'cause I have 5 acres."

I now have 5 huge and gorgeous weeping willows 'cause if you cut off a branch and stick it in water it will root just like house plant. Most summers I have to water them often and deep! I don't care. I love them.

Supi said...

I put my votes in.

John Carey said...

I voted Randy...ok I've been voting for the last few days. Thanks for getting the word out on this.