Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flood Update

This thing is going to last a long time...

As of 4:30 PM Tuesday, here is the Garrison release schedule.

Planned releases are subject to change based on changing reservoir and river conditions:

Wednesday AM - 92,500 cfs
Wednesday PM - 100,000 cfs
Note: Controlled Spillway Releases Start Wed.

Thursday AM - 105,000 cfs
Thursday PM - 110,000 cfs

Friday - 115,000 CFS

Saturday Hold At 115,000

Mid June, going to 150,000 cfs

At 150,000 cfs the river stage at Bismarck is forecast to be at 20.6 feet, or 4.69` higher than it is right now. Plan for a 1 foot buffer on all dikes according to officials.

They say they will have to use the spillway gates to release all this water, but it WILL be controlled. The spillway has never been used since the dam opened back in the 1950s.

And our friends up north in Minot are having trouble too.


John Carey said...

Minot is evacuating as I write this. We're taking in a family.

Randy-g said...

Good man John...Our main office is in Minot, they were told to leave the building yesterday afternoon.

stopsign said...

Prayers going up for all involved.. You guys be careful